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Local tech CEO’s family files wrongful death lawsuit related to Amtrak

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A lawsuit was filed Friday seeking damages relating to the death of a local technology company CEO in the Amtrak 188 derailment in Port Richmond that killed eight and injured hundreds in May.

Rachel Jacobs, 39, was traveling in the first passenger car from Philadelphia back to her home in New York and her husband and young son on May 12 when the train derailed. The lawsuit, filed by Tom Kline of the Philadelphia law firm Kline Specter on behalf of her family, accuses Amtrak of “willful, wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of its passengers.”

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Consultant to CPS Energy files lawsuit to block San Antonio Business Journal’s open records request

Under state law, DTZ had 30 days following the issuance of that opinion to appeal it by filing a lawsuit to block the public information request. The lawsuit, which was filed July 27, falls within that legal timeframe. DTZ’s attorney, Lori Fixley Winland of Locke Lord LLP, notified the Business Journal about the lawsuit in a July 29 letter.

No court hearing has been set.

Article source: http://feeds.bizjournals.com/~r/industry_14/~3/ZtCagHIm0QM/consultant-to-cps-energy-files-lawsuit-to-block.html

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Morgan Lewis inherited diversity problem that cost Bingham a big client

The office has two Hispanic or Latino partners, an Asian partner, and two partners of two or more races, according to the NALP.

In a statement, Morgan Lewis said it does have attorneys of color as partners in its Boston office, as well as a significant number of women partners, including both of the office’s co-managing partners, Sula Fiszman and Joanne Foley. (Eighteen of the 85 Boston partners listed on the firm’s website are women.) The firm does not view its offices as silos and instead measures diversity on a firmwide basis, it said.

It acknowledged, however, that there is room for growth on the issue. “We, like other large law firms, still have work to do and continually challenge ourselves to do better,” it said.

Morgan Lewis isn’t the only firm struggling with diversity issues in Boston. As of last year, only 3.8 percent of Boston partners were minorities, compared with an average of 7.1 percent across the U.S, according to the National Association of Law Placement.

The number of attorneys of color in corporate legal departments, meanwhile, appears to be increasing. A 2013 survey by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association found that 7.2 percent of Fortune 1000 chief legal officers were attorneys of color, nearly double the percentage of minority partners in Boston.

General counsel across Boston appear to be taking more of an interest in firms’ diversity, according to Holland Knight LLP partner Steven Wright, who oversees that firm’s Boston office.

“Over time, it’s going to have more and more impact in the selection of law firms,” he said.

Article source: http://feeds.bizjournals.com/~r/industry_14/~3/VUIakVu8jE0/morgan-lewis-inherited-diversity-problem-that-cost.html

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Bar exam participants down in New York state

The New York section consists of five essay questions and 50 multiple choice questions prepared by the New York Board, with one Multistate Performance Test question developed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

The multi-state version has 200 multiple choice questions covering contracts, torts, constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, real property and federal civil practice and procedures.

The local exam period ended with the final 100 questions on the multi-state examination around 5 p.m. the second day.

Among those who sit for it are graduates of American Bar Association-approved law schools; people combining law school study at an ABA-approved school and law office study; graduates of unapproved law schools in the United States with a juris doctor degree who have practiced in a jurisdiction for five to seven years; and those who studied at a foreign law school.

This will be the last time in July that this version of the bar examination will be offered. After administering the test in February, the state will move to the Uniform Bar Examination for July 2016 test takers.

Bosse said there is excitement in shifting to this examination, because it provides additional opportunities to would-be attorneys and their clients. Fifteen states have now adopted the UBE.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for our candidates to be able to gain admission in multiple jurisdictions if they get a score that satisfies another jurisdiction’s requirement,” Bosse said. “So, it opens up employment opportunities for new graduates and opens up a whole new pool of job applicants for employers and it works efficiencies for clients that have legal issues that cross state borders.”

Article source: http://feeds.bizjournals.com/~r/industry_14/~3/wzaqg3gPCo4/bar-exam-participants-down-in-new-york-state.html

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Exclusive: Oil heir Al Hill III asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear $41M lawyer fee dispute

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A Dallas oil heir who is objecting to paying $41 million in legal fees has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

A judgment signed June 3 by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of the Northern District of Texas upheld an earlier determination that Albert G. Hill III owes a combined $40.9 million to Calloway, Norris, Burdette Weber in Dallas and Campbell Harrison Dagley in Houston. The lawyers represented Hill in an inheritance battle.

A petition filed by John Da Grosa Smith, an Atlanta attorney who represents Hill and his family, says that Hill already has paid $26.9 million of his $81.4 million inheritance to previous lawyers who represented him. Tacking $40.9 million to the legal tab would result in 83.3 percent of the inheritance going to lawyers and only 16.7 percent going to the family, the petition says.

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DOJ Report: St. Louis family court discriminates against black children

• Failure to provide adequate due process to children facing certification for criminal prosecution in adult criminal court;

• Failure to ensure children’s guilty pleas are entered knowingly and voluntarily;

• An organizational structure that is rife with conflicts of interest, is contrary to separation of powers principles and deprives children of adequate due process; and

• Disparate treatment of black children at four key decision points within the juvenile justice system.

In a letter to St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, Gupta said attorneys would be contacting the county soon to begin negotiating a resolution.

Since opening this investigation in November 2013, the Civil Rights Division has analyzed data relating to nearly 33,000 juvenile cases, including all delinquency and status offenses resolved in St. Louis County Family Court between 2010 and 2013; and has reviewed over 14,000 pages of documents, including family court records, transcripts, policies, procedures and external reports.

Article source: http://feeds.bizjournals.com/~r/industry_14/~3/Qy2ykg6_3ds/doj-report-st-louis-family-court-discriminates.html

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Tampa law firm rebrands, condenses name to one word: Trenam

Marie Tomassi, Managing shareholder, Trenam Enlarge

Marie Tomassi, Managing… more

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A Tampa law firm founded in 1970 has a long name many people often truncated to just one or two, and now the firm is following suit.

Trenam Kemker Scharf Barkin Frye O’Neill Mullis — more recently called Trenam Kemker on its website and in business circles — will rebrand and become just “Trenam.”

The new brand “aligns with the firm’s external communications” and culture with its clients, the firm said in a statement exclusive to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

It’s one of the most significant changes to the brand, the statement said. Along with the name change is a new logo with four triangles that represent what the firm calls its four tenets: understanding your business, certainty, accessibility and deadlines.

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